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Tianhe I

Based on the concept of quick construction of small data center, Micromodule Tianhe Series have brought cabinet, power distribution, air conditioner, airflow management, intelligent control and cable layout etc. together.


  • Customized product

  • Free expansion

  • Energy saving: PUE<1.6

  • Thickness of steel plate: top plate--1.2mm, side plate--1.5mm, back door--1.5mm, vertical shelf 2.0mm, horizontal shelf--1.5mm, top shrouding and bottom shrouding--1.5mm, front shrouding1.5mm, wire arrangement plate--1.5mm

  • Column material: nine-folded material, 1。5mm

  • Appearance: more than three cabinets arranged in line, intelligent screen on its side, single front glass door with fire protection, double back doors made of steel plate.

  • Airflow: 200mm front cool air passage and 400mm back hot air passage

  • Wire arrangement: vertical wire arrangement unit is equipped between two cabinets.

  • Exhaust air: air volume 239~288CFM, rotate speed 2900~3500RPM, automatic overheat protection

  • Color: RAL9005。 It also has other tailored colors。

  • Permanent load:800KG

  • Gate lock: key lock or optional intelligent cabinet lock

  • Standard: ANSI/EIARS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, IEC297-2, DIN41494, PART7 and GB/T3047。2-92

Micromodule includes air conditioner in line (1), server cabinet (1-4), network cabinet  (1), power distribution cabinet (1) and wire arrangement units (1-4).

  • Cabinet level: each cabinet is equipped with emergency ventilator, multi-functional network unit, intelligent display of wind speed, temperature and humidity, M type cable tray on top of the cabinet, horizontal wire arrangement unit and blind plate.

  • System level: Intelligent software, 10.1-inch capacitive screen, fire trace tube heptafluoropropane, grounding system, plug-in type busbar, independent wire arrangement units on both sides.

  • Room level: ventilation system, monitoring system

  • Optimized configurationIntelligent locking system, automatic skylight opening and closing system, intelligent lighting system.

  • Enclosed structure in single line

  • High refrigerating efficiency

  • Modularized value

  • System structure backups

  • Intelligent terminal display

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