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Make Micro Module Genuine


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Founded in 2009,  Zhejiang Zhiting Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of energy-saving modularized data center. With high quality product as its core competitiveness,  Zhiting strives to develop genuine micro module and has owned some patented products.  Zhiting pays great attention to research and development and its expert team includes industrial appearance designer, structure designer, software engineer, electrical engineer and heating and ventilation engineer. It also has established long term cooperation with key universities in China.
Tianji Series
Tianhe Series
TianJi Serie
Zhiting factory has production equipment purchased from joint ventures, which guarantees product quality. Zhiting has launched the three big Series, i.e. Tianji Series, Tianhe Series and TianJi Series. These Series could be applied to construction of data center of different sizes.
Micro Module Manufacturer
Zhiting has been designing and constructing data center for more than 10 years. It is the first micro module manufacturer in China to provide data center planning. Willingly to develop the tradition of loving and understanding of every single object, Zhiting could make better products following customers’ needs and the trend of data center.

Manufacturer’s Responsibility

Cloud manufacturing gradually changes situation of traditional manufacturing, which presents not only huge challenges, but also opportunities. Zhiting will strive to seize opportunities to make a better future.

Innovation Begins From Courage

Zhiting was established in the era of internet. As the first one to use intelligent software management, it monitors operation  status of equipment and production capability. Facing the challenges brought by internet, Zhiting has prepared to do its best.

Based on customer experience
Focus on detail


Highly integrate software and hardware
Develop genuine micro module
To be excellent in the industry of data center, pioneers of the company take initiative to make data center construction.
Great passion attracts people alike. They strive to  develop more energy-saving and more intelligent products. Tianji Series, Tianhe Series and TianJi Series are launched and Hangzhou becomes its national marketing center. Other offices are located around china such as Zhengzhou City, Nanjing City and Wuhan City. There are changes from small sized product to highly integrated product.
Modular data center and energy-saving cabinet are the main trend of the market. In addition, modular data center may combine with precision power distribution cabinet and software etc.. Derivatives of data center are marketed one by one.
Certificate of Computer software copyright, software registration certificate, AAA Certificate of credit, CCC certification, certificate of new high-tech enterprise, Utility model patent of modularized data center(patent No.: ZL 2014 2 0605944.7), design patent of modularized data center (patent No.: ZL 2015 3 0515231.1), design patent of data storage and treatment cabinet(patent No.: ZL 2015 3 0004584.5), design patent of intelligent removable cabinet(patent No.: ZL 2014 3 0195573.5), Utility model patent of intelligent removable cabinet(patent No.: ZL 2014 2 0161024.0).
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